• Rodolitz

3 Instant Benefits Hospitality Owners are Experiencing While Outsourcing Their Operations

With the unfortunate reality the world is in due to COVID-19, many Hospitality and Food & Beverage operators are facing many dilemmas daily.

A common theme that is circulating is how do operators/owners continue to execute their strategies and growth plans, while also having cash-flow issues and difficulty supporting their current infrastructure and payroll.

We are seeing many companies transition from in-house operations to outsourcing these C-suite, executive roles. The benefits of this model include:

  1. More Cost Effective: The company does not incur the benefits, taxes and payroll fees that are associated with hiring an employee. Outsourcing is leaner.

  2. Greater Flexibility: No one knows how much longer COVID will be a risk and when things will go back to normal. That uncertainty makes it tricky to support large corporate salaries when revenues are tracking lower. Engaging a professional company to facilitate your operating needs can be structured on a 6-month or annual contract, removing unnecessary exposure and added costs.

  3. Turnkey Solution: As an integrated, outsourced solution, owner/operators receive the benefit and resources of a professional company, rather than a sole individual. The learning curve is less, as these professionals have experience in these types of environments and relationships. The value received is greater and the output/productivity is faster and larger.

RK Hospitality has the experiences, know-how, and track record to operate as an extension of our clients, as a CEO, COO, CFO or CMO. We operate as if we’re full-time employees, by integrating ourselves in your brand and culture, all while being outsourced and less costly.

To learn more and to coordinate a 30-60 minute exploratory call, please reach out / info@rkhospitalitygroup.com.