• Rodolitz

5 Menu Adjustments To Make During The COVID-Era

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Your menu is an integral part of your restaurant. However, what worked pre-COVID will not work in a COVID-era. The following adjustments should save you money on prep and labor, and provide confidence to your clients that you’re a safe and clean establishment.

1) Shrink Your Menu - The days of 35 item menus are gone. Review your p-mix and remove your least-performing items, the bottom 25% of item sales. You can’t afford to sit on a product that you sell a handful of weekly. You need to focus on your greatest sellers, not the chef’s or critics' favorite items.

2) Cross Utilization of Products - You can’t afford to have waste or sit on a product that won’t move. Margins were already very thin in the Restaurant/F&B industry, and now with capacity restrictions, it’s critical to be even more focused on your expenses. Redesign your menu with the idea of utilizing your products in multiple ways and formats. Creativity does not have to be sacrificed because you’re using a certain protein or fish in a few items. Find ways to remain creative and thoughtful with various cooking methods and applications.

3) Rethink your Price Points - Value is critical during these times. Disposable income is less and corporate budgets are on pause. You need to provide value to your guests. Don’t be apologetic about your pricing but also don’t take advantage of your guests and price gouge.

4) Disposable Menus and/or QR codes- Guests want to see that you’re thinking about their safety first. Remove laminated and plastic sleeve menus and replace with either single-use disposable menus or utilize digital QR codes for a contactless experience.

5)Sharing Sections and Dishes should be Rethought - For now, sharing is discouraged, so categories called “To Share”, and “For the Table”, should be converted. Dishes should be conceptualized on a per person basis, which means smaller formats and price points. This is not an easy change and will require much thought, as it impacts the amount of cutlery/disposables you’ll need, will require more precise timing from the kitchen and will enforce more awareness from the server on guest positions and who ordered which item.