• Rodolitz

7 Ways To Provide Hospitality To Your Guests During COVID-19

Hospitality means to go above and beyond. It’s a warm and welcoming feeling you provide and create for your guests, beyond the standard steps of service and mechanics of fulfilling their order.

Operators are challenged with finding new ways to provide hospitality to their guests in this new sterile environment. Pre-COVID, a genuine smile, grabbing a fallen coat off the floor, or walking a guest to the bathroom would’ve been appreciated. With contact being discouraged and body language is difficult to see, how do operators show guests their appreciation?

1 - Be extremely well-versed on safety and cleanliness and overly communicate this message online and through effective signage at your store. This will go a long way until guests feel entirely safe to dine-out again.

2 - Make the experience contactless by leveraging technology: utilize QR codes, install mobile ordering & digital payments, and use text messaging to communicate when tables are ready.

3 - Provide sanitizing wipes and sprays at each table and have extra masks handy if a guest misplaces theirs. This is also a good branding opportunity if you’re able to place your logo on these items.

4- Give your guests a pre-wrapped or bottled sweet, pastry, or next-day snack to part with. A handwritten note alongside it mentioning these tough times and your appreciation for their business will pay dividends in the future.

5- If your gift cards have an expiration date, extend it by a year or two. If a client had an event on the books, be accommodating in changing the date without penalties or complications. Be human and not transactional during these times.

6- A quick and efficient experience. Guests don’t want to linger or increase the risk of exposure. Efficiency will be considered a plus while guests starts resurfacing back in the social world.

7- Family-friendly menus - people are generally with their families and are tired of cooking at home. Provide family-friendly options at affordable rates, so the adults and kids all have options.